Dumpy: Going Elephants - An Oculus Rift game made for the IndieCade jam

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Strap on that Oculus Rift to become Dumpy the Elephant! She just broke out of a carnival and is bopping her way to freedom. Rotate your head to fling cop cars over mountains and smash delicious ice cream trucks with your mighty trunk. This crazy new art of Trunk-Fu is easy to learn but so hard to master. Her rampage takes place in a surreal lofi blisscape of exploding boys and trypnotic UFOs! Grab a copy of Dumpy and PLAY TODAY!

We developed Dumpy: Going Elephants in the DePaul University game program for the IndieCade Oculus Rift game jam. We've been making AR Games for a while (AtG, Kaiju Kazoo, Mechanice) and we enjoy creating games that leverage the affordances of new technologies. One of the things that excites us about the Rift is to use head rotation as primary input. Given a rich context and juicy game mechanic, this opens up new forms of gameplay.